Adflyer Media is a performance advertising company which helps advertisers to position their brands in the markets network and in the minds of the users through variety of channels and formats. We serve millions of impressions and clicks through our leading and trusted sources.

Worldwide Traffic Inventory with Customized Targeting

Managed service & RTB / XML co-operation

Cross-platform advertising with self-serve interface

Over 2 billion impresions, 1.5 Million Clicks, and around 500 million pops a day

Industry Standard Blacklists

Targeting variables- By Geo, Carrier, OS, Device, Vertical, Keyword, Browser, Contextual or Behavioural, Time frequency

Competitive Bids

Promoting offers and campaigns through various necks like: XML feeds,JS tags


We have wide section of pricing models to suit your advertising strategies

CPA Target

Set your desire CPA, Our technology will adjust your bids to deliver conversion at your target cost.


Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding - you pay every time when someone clicks on your ad.


Cost Per Mile (CPM) - You pay every time when your ad has reached 1000 impressions